My UX Book List – Essential Reading

I’m not a massive reader of books to do with work, if I’m honest. I prefer to sit down and read a tome that takes my mind off of work and I’m one of those UX’y people who generally prefers to learn by my past mistakes and other peoples actual work. Plus if it ain’t on Kindle then chances are I won’t read it these days. That said, I do have a set of books on my shelf that I’ve bought, been given, borrowed and forgot to return that cover lots of different angles of UX, Design, Marketing, Social and all those other bits I tinker with.

Obviously this list is mine and might not float your boat because of our different experience with scientific research methods, psychology, interaction design, user interface design, product or visual design and our levels of communication skill, but if you’re a voyeur you might like to have a look at my bookshelf.

So here is a list of books I would pick as the must read UX books.

Generalist books that I urge you to check out

The UX Book List

The Infographic Book List

Its by no means exhaustive and I’ll endeavor to add some more to it. But it’s the stuff on my shelf and I use them as references in much of what I do. Enjoy.

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