The Dip

I’ve just finished reading ‘The Dip’ by Seth Godin. It is impossible to ignore what Godin has to say and how he says it. In this small volume (only 80 pages and about the size of a greeting card), Godin shares some LARGE ideas which I enjoyed digesting. Here is a cluster of Godinesque observations:

  1. All our successes are the same. All our failures, too.
  2. We succeed when we do something remarkable.
  3. We fail when we give up too soon.
  4. We succeed when we are the best in the world at what we do.
  5. We fail when we get distracted by tasks we don’t have the guts to quick.
  6. Quit the wrong stuff.
  7. Stick with the right stuff.
  8. Have the guts to do one or the other.

In 1963, Peter Drucker made an assertion with which Seth Godin presumably agrees: “There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all.”

Grab a copy of this book or any of Seths other reads, always quick, easy & insightful.

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