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The Future of Design and Design Thinking

This is a most extraordinary and a very exciting talk. It hits all the right notes and asks all the right questions, too many to summarize: design thinking and creativity; science + design; the need to think about impact of one’s design; the value/importance of the entrepreneurial instinct; business and creativity; “hard” product based skills vs conceptual abilities etc., etc., and most interestingly, the rationale for “design thinking” — a response to economic realities. Listen to it all.

We’re not saving babies, remember?

First rule of business – Follow that smart bit in your brain that got you to where you are called ‘Instinct’.

Second rule of business – Listen to the symptoms of rule #1 and if it’s telling you something isn’t right or things don’t fit, or it’s a no-win situation you formulate an exit strategy that is the least damaging for everyone involved.

Third rule of business – Honesty isn’t a bad policy but use it sparingly. There’s nothing worse than someone with an exit strategy suddenly getting tourettes and telling you the sky is falling. There’s only one person that learns anything in that situation & that’s Mr Tourettes learning the harsh lesson in life about why not to “burn bridges”.

Fourth rule of business – Taking a calculated risk is alright, just remember to pay attention to rule #2. The truth is, if you don’t try you’ll never know and never knowing just breeds “what if” syndrome.

Fifth rule of business – Put it all into perspective as much as possible. A guy I used to work with at once said to me during a particularly pressured deadline; “Relax Pete, we’re not saving babies” and you know what, it’s been my mantra ever since. Passion is passion, but reality is also reality & without perspective you can’t have the detachment to execute rule #2.

Sixth rule of business – Your first gut feeling is probably the right one. Seriously, you’re good remember, go with the flow. Use UX principals to validate, make tweaks & refine, but roll with it cowboy. Rule #4 makes it alright to take a little gamble.

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