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Here’s it is… my fantasy company… the utopia… now I need to explain what’s going on here before battle-lines are drawn and those that didn’t make the cut complain. A few of us do this every few years. It’s a nice way to stop & take stock. Get a little restrospective. The scenario we set ourselves is this:

  • 3 million quid to spend setting up the perfect digital advertising agency. Must take into consideration start-up costs.
  • Every person in the agency must have worked with you directly at some point in your respective careers.
  • Assemble a team of less than 50 people to work together to win a large, muti-national FMCG client.

I’ve built my fantasy agency around a number of my own criteria;

  1. I’ve put most of my fantasy company into the roles they were working in when I was working with them (there are even a few people here who I didn’t work with, but in fact work for me when I was their client, they impressed me!)… some of them have moved on, changed roles, been promoted since I worked with them… etc etc… I’ve even gone as far as to demote (in a fun way, not a bitchy way) some people in the roles I think would actually suit them better. If that’s ‘you’… remember you still made it into my fantasy company… so don’t moan! I’ve literally worked with hundreds of people, you’ve made my top 50.
  2. Note my company structure. None of my departments work in ghettos, it’s purely a split of discipline.
  3. Every member of the team will take an equal salary.
  4. I’ve selected people not just based on their raw talent, but based on how well I think they’d gel and work with all the other members of my fantasy company. I’ve missed off a lot of talented individuals – But this here is my ultimate mash-up… If I put you all in a room together it would set the industry on fire.
  5. A few people I’ve even thrown in just as geling agents, which in itself is an incredible, natural talent. It’s my belief that this fantasy company not only brings the very best of all the talents, but also with it an atmosphere of collaboration, fun, integrity & mutual respect that would make it thrive amongst a lot of sour, old-skool agencies littering the industry today.
  6. There is no board in my fantasy company… it’s a co-op… every member is equal and has earned that right by being individually brilliant at their own disciplines but more importantly by being an amazing team-player.

This isn’t necessarily a fait accompli… it’ll probably evolve and change. But up to now this is 15 years of career solidified into 42 individuals (well… 41 and me). Click on the picture below to see the full version.

Anyway… take it with a pinch of salt… this is just a bit of fun some of us have every few years. It is nice to note that these are the individuals who’ve made the biggest impression, impact & brought the most joy to my career & I’d happily go into battle with this little lot anyday:

Fantasy Company

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