Charlie and the Apple Factory

Here’s a lovely animation about Apple that portrays Apple’s Steve Jobs as the Willy Wonka.

The spoof actually offers some interesting insight about desirability in apples products. Everyone wants to know what makes Apple’s products so special. Charlie is led to a room that holds the secret of why people love Apple products. The room is completely empty. The Steve Jobs character divulges that it there isn’t anything special about their products except that they convinced people to believe they come from a “magical place.”

Why will people stand in line for hours for the newer version of the iPad, tomorrow when the original only came out around this time last year? Is it because it has cameras now? Is it because it is a little faster? No, and no. It’s easy to compare tablets on specifications like speed and resolution. It’s very difficult to compare on something intangible, like desirability.

Taken from the blog post “UX is 90% desirability” by Francisco Inchauste.

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