About me

I’m Pete… the design chap

From my work biography;

Pete Trainor began his career in the mid 90’s, developing Computer Based Training & Virtual Reality Simulations for the Army and Navy. This led him into the DotCom boom where he moved from Desktop Multimedia to web, advertising & beyond. His expertise ranges from Product Development, Experience Design, Gamification, Information Architecture, Experience Strategy, Customer Experience and Interaction Design across all touch-points & devices. Pete has a vocal passion for UCD and a love of innovative methods of problem solving. He loves creating disruptive approaches to traditional challenges and doesn’t believe in rules that limit emotional connections with brands.

Over the past 18 years I have worked with numerous top global agencies including SapientNitro as UK ACD, JWT, TBWA and LBi. I have worked with clients including Honda, NatWest, Barclays, Mercedes, Sony, Vodafone, Marks & Spencer, Shell, BT, Canon and many many more.

In 2008 my team won a NMA Award with E.On for the ‘Most Innovative Use of Digital’ to support a sponsorship & in 2013 a piece I contributed to for Natwest, GetCash, won a Cannes Cyberlion for mobile.

I frequently guest lecture at several London Universities including Brunel & am currently writing a book on the new methodology of Neuro CX which I defined in 2013.

Today I own Nexus CX in London and act as Director of UX&D. Nexus CX is a design and innovation consultancy that believes in ‘Better Connected Thinking’. We partner with companies who understand that great human experiences are better for business & help them discover powerful, evocative ideas and behaviors. We then map these ideas as experiences that can better connect the brand back to their audience. A Nexus is defined as a connection or series of connections linking two or more things together… Which forms our company philosophy.

You can download my latest CV here.

Other stuff?

My favorite marketing quote of all-time comes from Charlie Brooker and basically encapsulates everything that gets on my nerves about current marketing strategies:

TV advertising used to work like this: you sat on your sofa while creatives were paid to throw a bucket of shit in your face. Today you’re expected to sit on the bucket, fill it with your own shit, and tip it over your head while filming yourself on your mobile. Then you upload the video to the creatives. You do the work; they still get paid.

Hail the rise of “loser-generated content”; commercials assembled from footage shot by members of the public coaxed into participating with the promise of TV glory. The advantages to the advertiser are obvious: it saves cash and makes your advert feel like part of some warm, communal celebration rather than the 30-second helping of underlit YouTube dog piss it is.

I’ll skip that kind of work thank you!

What else?

I’m an entrepreneur. A music lover. A photographer of people. A very keen and amateur climber. A really happy father and husband.

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