October 2015

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Attract, Attach

Green curved flames

August 2015

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The Genius of Design from the @BBC


June 2015

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#LTW15 London Live Debate

Breaking Bads


May 2015

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TEDx Warwick 2015

March 2015

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The Biological Power of Push and Pull


February 2015

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B = f(P,E)


Designing Distractions


January 2015

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Go Small or Go Home


December 2014

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Hacking Motivation


Solve and Evolve


Top brain, bottom brain


Designing Fear


November 2014

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Get your S.C.A.R.F on


Design & The Brain


October 2014

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#UCD14 – Neurological Recipes


August 2014

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The Secret of Neuromarketing: Go for the Pain

We all like to think we make buying decisions on a rational level, but neuroscientists tell us otherwise. While marketers

The Four Horsemen of #CX


VIDEO: Is there a neurological recipe for

July 2014

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Celebrate the mavericks

maverick; Someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action. A rebel, recusant, nonconformist – someone who refuses to conform

Human Consciousness

From John Coates amazing book, The Hour Between Dog & Wolf; Neuroscientists have long known that most of what goes

The Biological Power of Push


Experiences that ‘move you’


June 2014

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The hour between Dog and Wolf


Belbin Team Roles

I recently found a unique study of teams that took place at Henley Business School. They ran a business simulation in

Teaching customers to accentuate the positive

PG Neuro 2

April 2014

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Neuro Mechanics and the power of Experience...


Enter the Matrix – Decoded Neurofeedback


#KUDOS: Social Connection Makes a Better Brain


Using the science behind habits to sell better


March 2014

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Brands & Brains – The Emotion of Logos

The brain reacts in a unique way when it spots a famous brand name, according to scientific research. Consumers reading

[MARKETING MAGAZINE] : #SXSW14 Neuromarketing is...

SOURCE: Marketing Magazine, 13th March 2014 Pete Trainor, associate director, UX, part of Sapient Nitro Successful brands today are manipulating

January 2014

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5 Tips for creating better #NeuroCX


December 2013

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2013 Top 10s of everything

The year 2013 is drawing to a close (where did it go?) and the world did not end. Lots happened

Bill Drummond on the iPod

November 2013

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Applied Neuro CX

All this theory about Neuro CX is great, but what can we do to implement it into functionally? What exactly

The Science of Neuro CX

Neuromarketing 101

To start to understand the premise of Neuro CX, it’s worth giving you a quick overview of NeuroMarketing so you

8 Subconscious mistakes our brain makes everyday

It’s fascinating to learn more about how we think and make decisions every day, so let’s take a look at

What makes you click?

There’s a turf war for readers’ mouse clicks and one of the favoured trick is to phrase headlines as questions.

August 2013

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How to Differentiate Great CX People from Good CX...

I interview a lot of CX candidates in my role as ACD at SapientNitro and in my previous roles at

July 2013

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A neurological recipe for success


June 2013

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CX and Design Principles – The basics

Design principles aren’t a new concept, but they do seem to be unpinning a lot of conversations I’m having with

Marketing at the speed of culture – My UWL...

In May I was invited to head a long to the University of West London to give a lecture on

Why a #TAG made me switch banks

February 2013

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Investing for humans

Here’s a little keynote I put together about the User Experience and Strategy of Investing. Investing for humans from Pete

January 2013

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Out of the box CX

Here’s a little known fact about me: I never studied design or multimedia or service design way back when I

Skeuomorphic iPad design

Love it or hate it, skeuomorphism has been a popular tool in digital interface design since the birth of the

Why Design Matters

I don’t know if you own an Apple iPhone or an iPad but you only have to pick them up

December 2012

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2012 Top 10s of everything

I.A is just a communications tool

There’s a lot of discussion around the office and the industry about I.A and it’s role… how it should be

November 2012

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ISO 9241-210

Original sources: www.userfocus.co.uk With the rapid development of new user interface technologies, it’s tempting to claim that there’s a lot more

Responsive vs. Adaptive

What’s the difference between adaptive and responsive web design? In the world of web design, the only thing harder than

October 2012

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How excited am I?!

The CX of Visualising Data

Introduction – Visualizing the abstract I’ve been working on a project over the last couple of months that’s opened my

September 2012

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CX Prestige

Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called “The Pledge”. The magician shows

Business Benefits of Responsive Web

August 2012

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Banks. Atomic Units. Apathy. UX.

From my recent lecture entitled ‘Banks and the Atomic Unit':

July 2012

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Gamification, the Zeigarnik effect & EPIC...

My UX Book List – Essential Reading

I’m not a massive reader of books to do with work, if I’m honest. I prefer to sit down and

Riots… the greatest viral campaign of 2011.

10 really neat experience principals

Found these little beauties nestled in a Seminar Summary from 2002 no less… Probably baffled the hell out people 10

June 2012

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The lines of experience

It’s been an exciting couple of years hasn’t it? The whole offline / online thing… the internet went from being

March 2012

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What is experience?

Experience is … a kind of huge spider-web of the finest silken threads suspended in the chamber of consciousness, and

Gonzo CX

Work that researches well is predicted on what has gone before. Anything different, or out of the ordinary, will test

February 2012

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The Crazies

January 2012

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Agency Thought Shifting

Agencies have always done ‘campaigns’. It’s what we do… be that a massive one that lasts for years or a

Death to the Persona. Long live the Information...

Am I the only person in UX that hates (HATES) Ben (32 – Reads the Guardian and loves riding his

How Do Consumers Engage With Brands In An...

Marketers have never thought of digital as a wonderful place to build a brand, but they should: 65% of consumers

December 2011

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Digital Wrap-Up 2011

Wendell Phillips said “revolutions never go backwards” so what a year of permanent change through great work in the ‘Big D’

August 2011

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My ‘mobile by numbers’ presentation

Recently put this presentation together to take some clients through the current state and future trends of mobile usage. Hope

iPad usage by numbers

The “now” generation wants their news, entertainment, information and access to online stores instantly whether that is on the bus,

June 2011

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The Future of Design and Design Thinking

This is a most extraordinary and a very exciting talk. It hits all the right notes and asks all the

May 2011

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Keynote Kung-Fu: How to wireframe like a ninja

Travis Isaacs is a visual/interaction designer and front-end developer. He created the Keynote Wireframe Toolkit which you can download at

The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone...

Viral Loop – Pass the bucks

I’ve mentioned Viral Loops before in a couple of posts. Since I started talking about it a lot of people

April 2011

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An Upfront Look at U.S. TV Audiences and Trends

Found some interesting stats in the State of the Media: Trends in TV Viewing- TV Upfronts 2011 report from Nielson.

Mobile by numbers

I’m fascinated by mobile. The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday

The future of shopping

Love this video from Resource Interactive… it’s like a visualisation of the way my brains been working recently.

Location-based services are becoming big business

Facebook’s recent launch of location-based services in the UK highlights the potential growth of consumers using GPS-enabled mobile devices to

March 2011

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Social & Behavioral Contagions

The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

You know me by now… so you get that I’m an advertising junkie. I actually see UX as a strand

AR May Be the iPad 2’s Secret Killer App

#numbers – Twitter Growth

This interesting article was posted on the Twitter blog on Monday 14th March. As a huge admirer and fan of

Charlie and the Apple Factory

Here’s a lovely animation about Apple that portrays Apple’s Steve Jobs as the Willy Wonka. The spoof actually offers some

The power of multitouch

The mobile app frontier is vastly un-explored; it is the wild west of the new digital media age. New boundaries

The Ten Commandments Of User Experience

Nice presentation from Nick Finck, Director of UX at Blue Flavor, about the 10 major principals of User Experience. Check

Competitor Benchmarking

We’re not supposed to give secrets away are we? Oh well… let’s break the rules & throw caution to the

Is UX just another name for IA?

The squillion dollar dilemma… A lot of people seem to be talking about user experience (UX) these days. User experience

February 2011

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Attention Economics

Attention economics is an approach to the management of information that treats human attention as a scarce commodity, and applies

January 2011

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Mobile Access 2010

The following stats come from a survey conducted by Pew Research at the end of 2010. It’s based on data

Viral – The Obama Effect

Taken from an article published in Wired Magazine in October 2009. I didn’t write this article, nor do I claim

15 Principles of successful web apps

Please note the last 5 principals have been cribbed from ‘Shortboredsurfer‘ and great principals they are too. It’s not my

December 2010

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My top experiences of 2010

It’s getting difficult to judge campaigns & digital work based solely on usability these days because there really is a

November 2010

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A week in UX

A week in UX means dipping into other peoples intelligence… There are a whole bunch of sources I can’t work

October 2010

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Mobile UX Overview

Brilliant presentation (and incredibly beautiful) about constructing UX for Mobile Devices. Which is something that interests me a lot. Entirely

September 2010

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Company X

Here’s it is… my fantasy company… the utopia… now I need to explain what’s going on here before battle-lines are

August 2010

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There’s an interesting view of the future of digital media consumption I’ve been hearing bits and pieces about codenamed “EPIC”.

Top 10 UX Gotchas

Google’s George Zafirovski asked his UX colleagues at Google to nominate their UX gotchas, and then compiled the top ten

July 2010

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We’re not saving babies, remember?

First rule of business – Follow that smart bit in your brain that got you to where you are called

The user is always right. We’re not.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that whether or not I like it, I’m what the industry has dubbed

Freemium, what does it mean?

Prosumer – fear the new breed of user

There’s a guy in a bedroom in London tweeting to his followers about a crap experience with a new digital

In the future digital communication will look...

Check out this Post Office video from the 1960s. A glance 30 years into the future from Dollis Hill Research

June 2010

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6,175,831 – the number of the beast

I was reading a book about Social Media the other day and stumbled upon some interesting information about a certain

Viral Loop – The power of pass it on

I was recently recommended a book by Adam Penenberg called ‘Viral Loop’ by an old colleague of mine Marty Carrol

The speed at which we live

Alan Lightman wrote an amazing paragraph in his book “Einsteins Dreams” in 1993 that is never more pertinent that it

Advertising at the speed of culture

Don‘t hunt down TARGET GROUPS. This is old marketing talk. Don‘t act like a sniper ... your target has multiple personalities because technology and the speed/volume of life has enabled them to play out many facets of who they are. Start to engage your audience, so people choose to spend time with you. Brands need to go on stage, expose themselves. Brands always wanted to have a conversation with their consumers, there is no better time than today to use creativity to fuel the dialogues and to create a real brand loyalty. Channel strategy is becoming a essential part of the creative process again. The split of the media budgets needs to accommodate the new flexible reality better than it used to. Brand behaviors are as important, or more important, than brand beliefs.

Check out this SlideShare pres…

Check out this SlideShare presentation : Advertising at the speed of culture http://slidesha.re/dAZka1

The Dip

In 1963, Peter Drucker made an assertion with which Seth Godin presumably agrees: "There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all."

The rise of the Twinsumer

The proliferation of the use of digital marketing has led to significant growth in brands using social marketing campaigns to increase consumer engagement. Social channels facilitate the art of listening, learning and sharing, so consumers are now using online channels to find the exact product to match their tastes based on fellow consumers’ recommendations.

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